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Your support will help CAC bring together the scientific community, the public sector and the business community to apply climate science to solving Florida’s unique challenges. We need your contributions to help build out the organization that can translate climate science into action.

Individuals and companies struggle to know how they can help resolve climate-related issues where they live and work. Your donation and participation in CAC is a targetable way to do just that. Your tax-deductible contribution will be used to support the development and operation of CAC web resources, analytical services and outreach events.

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Climate warming is having increasingly major impacts on life in Florida. If we use science translated into understanding we can help turn this threat into investment, economic & societal opportunities.

David KotokChairman, Cumberland Advisors, Sarasota, Florida

CAC in full swing will be a powerful and useful resource for our local and eventually regional community. CAC’s new website will be a key communication link to the public and decision makers in government, academe and the private sectors. If these decision makers as well as other stakeholders such as homeowners and local business leaders have clear unbiased data and corresponding analysis, we can take preemptive action and employ adaptive strategies! Please join me in supporting the CAC.

Elizabeth MooreCitizen Scientist and Philanthropist, Bradenton, Florida

Business people will lead local solutions supported by government and academia. There is economic opportunity for enterprises to provide jobs and solutions to address climate warming in a positive opportunistic way.

Dan DykgraafPresident, Spacesource, Inc., Sarasota Florida

Everyone, and every organization, is being impacted by climate warming. It’s time to focus on potential solutions and, especially, to provide opportunities for young people to become involved in such solutions and perhaps to find careers in the climate economy. The CAC is an important venture to meet both goals.

Dr. Karen HolbrookRegional Chancellor USF Sarasota-Manatee Campus

For our local community and culture to survive and thrive we need the CAC to help us speed actions that are both economically viable and effective at adaptation to our climate warmed region with its many impacts.

Ernest WerlinFormer Wall Street Executive, Sarasota, Florida

“Immediately upon meeting him, Bob Bunting impressed me with a rarely found depth of knowledge about climate patterns over several decades....We each must learn about and act to protect this beautiful blue/green planet from being destroyed with human detritus. Bob Bunting and the Climate Adaptation Center can lead the way.”

Christine SchlesingerCommunity Activist, Sarasota Florida

Our readers continue to be educated on how climate warming is transforming our lives from hurricanes to algae blooms and from sea level rise to human health thanks to the efforts of the new Climate Adaptation Center (CAC), headquartered here in Sarasota. I’m thrilled that CAC’s CEO Bob Bunting is providing Sarasota Magazine with information that will shape our local climate response.

Susan BurnsEditor, Sarasota Magazine, Sarasota Florida
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