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Company Overview

The Climate Adaptation Center Inc. (CAC) is an independent, non-profit organization, founded in 2019 by Bob Bunting, Chairman and CEO. Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida and led by a team of climate scientists, executives and entrepreneurs, CAC is bridging the gap between state of the art scientific research and public sector understanding of our changing climate. Our mission is to build CAC into a nexus facilitating interaction between government, the scientific community and the private sector to stimulate creation of the adaptation strategies and actions necessary to protect the Florida way of life in a time of global climate change.

While international solutions to the global climate problem slowly evolve, we are focused on the immediate need to address Florida’s present and future climate warming challenges. Foremost among these are sea level rise, hazards to human health, red tide, changing hurricanes, and threats to the natural environment.

CAC bridges the gap between in-depth scientific research and public sector understanding of the climate problem. CAC brings together the scientific community, the public sector and private enterprise to apply climate science to solving Florida’s unique challenges, while engaging Florida businesses in developing cost-effective Florida-focused adaptation strategies.

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Articles, Interviews and Appearances

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04/15/2021 Sarasota Magazine

Climate Call to Action: Rising Sea Level, Hurricanes, Red Tide
09/17/2020 Virtual Event hosted by Margaret Good for Congress

“A forecaster’s nightmare”: why Laura’s rapid intensification worries scientists / David Adams
08/29/2020 Univision News

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08/24/2020 Sarasota Magazine

Tropical Storm Laura Threatens Florida
08/21/2020 Sarasota Magazine

Peak Florida Hurricane Season Is Here
08/13/2020 Sarasota Magazine

Climate Disruptions Are Impacting Human Health
07/16/2020 Sarasota Magazine

Sahara Desert Dust Is Heading Our Way
06/24/2020 Sarasota Magazine

The CEO of Sarasota’s Climate Adaptation Center on Science and Hope in a Hotter World
06/18/2020 Sarasota Magazine

Adapting to a Changing Climate: Global to Local Impact
Climate Summit Conference University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee
Organized and led by Bob Bunting
01/25/2019 CAC Video (more here)

Is Climate Warming Creating More Dangerous Hurricanes?

12/21/2018 Cumberland Advisors: Market Commentary

It’s Hot and Getting Hotter – The Case for Adaptive Strategies for a Warming Planet
08/29/2018 Cumberland Advisors: Market Commentary

How Cuba Saved Florida From a Category 5 Hurricane
07/01/2018 Sarasota Magazine

Key West
11/21/2017 Cumberland Advisors: Market Commentary

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